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Matt Bomer will voice Negative Man in DC Universe’s Doom Patrol

Matt Bomer (Tru Calling, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, Chuck, American Horror Story) has been announced as the voive of Negative Man aka Larry Trainor in DC Universe’s upcoming Doom Patrol series.

Debuting in DC Comics’ My Greatest Adventure #80 (cover dated June 1963), Negative Man was created by Bob Haney, Arnold Drake, and Bruno Premiani. Drake reflected on the character’s creation:

“I left [editor Murray Boltinoff’s] office and bumped into Bob Haney in the hall. Bob was a real good friend of mine … I asked him if he got an assignment from Bob Kanigher. He had this routine where he’d come up from Woodstock once a week and stay for two nights and get a couple of assignments from Kanigher and then go back home and write them. He said he didn’t get an assignment from Kanigher, and I told him I had this assignment that I was about two-thirds through with, but I needed another character and maybe between us we could come up with something. We sat down and came up with this notion of a guy who has gone through a cloud of radioactivity and is bandaged from head to toe with these specially treated bandages that keep the radioactivity within him so he isn’t injurious to others. The most novel aspect was Negative Man, the character who lives inside him who can only be outside of him for 60 seconds – and don’t ask me why 60 seconds.”

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