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Kickstarter Watch: Our Final Halloween

Five kids wake up in an abandoned house. They don’t know why they’re there, how they got there, or whose blood they’re covered in…

“Covered in blood, disorientated, and with no short-term memory, these five kids will need to work together to solve the mysteries of this hellish house, or this will be their final Halloween.

The five survivors will have to work together to decipher the mysteries of the house and the role they play within it.

It soon becomes clear that everything isn’t what it seems and they’re involved in something bigger and darker than they feared. But despite this they still seem somewhat prepared, which only adds to the tension…

Written and co-created by Mike Garley (Samurai Slasher, The Kill Screen, Adventure Time), and artist Michael Lee-Graham (Shortlist Magazine, Hero Complex Gallery, Dead Roots). With letters and logo design by Mike Stock (Image Comics, Starburst Magazine, beActive media).

Additional bonus art (previewed on the right) by incredible creators such as:

  • Kate Brown – @autojoy
  • Steve White – @sharkbitesteve
  • Meaghan Carter –
  • Sam Beck – @_twothirty

Running for 30 days on KICKSTARTER, they are sending the digital comic to all backers on the 31st of October, which means if you back it you’ll get your copy ON HALLOWEEN!

They are running a simple and straightforward campaign with only three possible pledge goals:

  • £3 Our Final Halloween – the complete thirty-five-page comic delivered to you digitally on the 31st of October! A PDF copy of the comic.
  • £5 The Director’s cut – in addition to the thirty-five-page comic, the extended digital copy of the comic includes guest artist pin ups, a horror essay, and an additional alternative cover. Comes with the OST (details below).
  • £7 Behind the Scenes – a 30+ page digital collection of concept work, character sketches, unused and unfinished artwork, as well as development notes. Comes with the OST (details below).


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