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Alan Tudyk cast in Doom Patrol as Mr. Nobody

Alan Tudyk has been cast as Mr. Nobody in DC Universe’s upcoming Doom Patrol.

Mr. Nobody (real name Mr. Morden) was created by Arnold Drake and Bruno Premiani and was initially known as Mr. Mordern (appearing in Doom Patrol #86 in March 1964), before changing his name in Doom Patrol #26 in September 1989.

As Mr. Mordern he was initially a member of the Brotherhood of Evil, but later his Brotherhood of Evil teammates The Brain and Monsieur Mallah promised to kill Morden if he ever appeared again, so he hid for many years in Paraguay.

As the years passed Morden wanted to rejoin society so he underwent experiments by an ex-Nazi scientist that grant him the ability to drain the sanity from human beings. However, he himself is driven insane, and forms the Brotherhood of Dada instead. He now looks like a two-dimensional artistic representation of a shadow and has an empty space on his chest in the shape of a heart.

Later, in Doom Patrol #11, Mr. Nobody reappeared, white instead of black and referred to himself as Mr. Somebody. He inhabits the body of billionaire Thayer Jost, and controls MSE, “Mister Somebody Enterprises,” for his own mysterious goals.




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