Cult Movie Essentials

Cult Movie Essentials- Grunt: The Wrestling Movie (1985)

As far as I’m concerned Grunt: The Wrestling Movie is the Spinal Tap of wrestling movies! Directed by Allan Holzman the film opens to vintage wrestling footage from October 13th 1979 when World Champion “Skull Crusher” Johnson (played by Victor Rivera) is defending his championship against the challenger “Mad Dog” Joe De Curso (played by Greg ‘Magic’ Schwarz). During the match “Mad Dog” catches “Skull Crusher” in the hang man – then bounces of the ropes – and decapitates him!

The wrestling world remains in turmoil with the question being asked “Can the champion loose his head but keep his title?” Following the match “Mad Dog” becomes a recluse and later commits suicide although no body was ever found.

We then join present day 1985 where director Leslie Uggams (“not THE Leslie Uggams” – played by Jeff Dial) is filming a documentary on professional wrestling and discovers a new wrestling phenomenon called The Mask.

It turns out that The Mask wrestles a similar style to “Mad Dog” leading many to speculate that “Mad Dog” is The Mask.

Can the documentary uncover the truth?






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