Cult Movie Essentials

Cult Movie Essentials: America 3000 (1986)

Written and directed by David Engelbach, America 3000 takes place in Colorado, USA in the year 3000. It turns out a nuclear war occurred in 1992 and that has reduced humanity back to a stone age standard of living under the rule of a fierce female tribe. All men are either living in the wild or slaves! When the leader of the dominant female clan dies, there is a dispute over her vacated position; two sisters vie for the honour and are challenged by the leader of a another clan.

As the story develops we meet two young men called Korvis (Chuck Wagner) and Gruss (William Wallace) who escape their city boundaries and explore the area. During their exploration they find a bunker that once belonged to the President of the United States of America.

In the bunker they find a wide range of guns and ammunition and decide to use these to start a revolution!


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