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Bus Party To Hell (2018)

Bus Party To Hell… the title says it all really. This film follows a group of burning man festival goers who board a party bus in Las Vegas. These include Darby (Tara Reid), Joan (Sadie Katz), and Kimberley (Devanny Pinn) but… the bus is actually run by a demonic cult looking for the chosen one and when the bus stops in the middle of cannibal cult territory the passengers must fend for themselves whilst the cult demands the presence of “the chosen one”. I shan’t spoil who the chosen one is but it is a somewhat unexpected twist.

First of all let me just say that I thoroughly enjoyed this film, and I would be interested in the prospective sequel they teased at the end of the film. The film appears to have been shot almost entirely on location in the Nevada desert, and it adds a sense of realism and professionalism to the production.

Films like these are important with the world as it currently is, with everything being so serious moments of levity are needed, even if they come in the form of a campy gorefest of a film. When super serious brooding blockbusters dominate the big screen to have a gory and fun satire on the horror genre is rather refreshing.

The characters in this film are mostly the classic archetypes of a horror film with the jock, virgin, and nerd all making prominent appearances. One character I found particularly hilarious was the nerdy character whose fake teeth and lisp were so accentuated beyond regular proportions. The film also shows some degree of self-awareness, with someone shouting at the nerd “say game over and I will hit you”, a reference to Aliens wherein a character shouts “Game over man game over!”

The villainous cult were also fun to watch, with a large part of their involvement being them writhing about in a mess of body fluids and chanting vaguely cultish things like “bring us the chosen one” or “the time is near” all while looking like extras from The Road Warrior.

The reveal that the bus driver was a part of the cult was also surprising, and the passengers finding the actual bus driver’s body provided a brief moment of intrigue before the Mad Max extras revealed themselves and began dancing and chanting.

Verdict: This film is a modern day ode to the grindhouse films of yore, and I look forward to see what other hilariously horrific projects the director brings us. Overall I would give this film an 8/10 for its funny, irreverent position in the movie world and for not being scared to fully commit to the innate insanity of its plot.

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