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Comics Legend Steve Ditko passes away at 90

It is Cult Faction’s sad duty to report that legendary comic book artist Steve Ditko has passed away at the age of 90 years old. Reports indicate Mr. Ditko was found by a social worker on June 29th 2018. His death has only recently been released. The chief medical examiner listed the cause of death as arteriosclerotic and hypertensive cardiovascular disease – a heart attack brought on by clogged arteries.

Ditko was a legend in the comics community helping to co create and create characters such as Spider-Man, Doctor strange and a host of other iconic Marvel characters. Ditko joined the company in 1953 back when it was called Atlas comics, and in the 1960s he created the character Spider-man with help from Stan Lee. The character of Peter Parker was supposed to be a 1 issue throwaway, as Amazing Fantasy was set to end soon afterwards. The character proved to be a runaway success however, and Lee and Ditko found themselves in charge of what was soon to be one of the most popular characters in pop culture. After 38 issues however, Ditko left Marvel after a supposed feud with Stan Lee the details of which have never been disclosed.

Ditko went on to create characters such as Doctor Strange, The Question and worked on classic Charlton comics characters such as Blue Beetle. Ditko has never properly been able to benefit from his extensive works the way that Stan Lee has, and indeed this may have been what contributed to their disagreement. While Ditko has never been one for the spotlight and while his name will probably never be known by the general public, true comics fans hold him in as high a regard as Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. He will be missed, and while he may be gone his works will endure the test of time and shall serve as a true monument to his memory.


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