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Preview: Streets of Vengeance (Bluray)

A throwback to the gritty action-thrillers of the 80s (AngelVice Squad, Ms. 45), Streets of Vengeance stars Delawna McKinney (Cinco De Mayo) as Mila, an ex-porn star whose decision to leave the industry is interrupted when she is kidnapped by a militant misogynist sect known as The Sword, intent on ridding the world of women who they believe are using  their sexual powers to destroy men. The Swords plans are thwarted when Mila kills her captor, and with the help of Brian (Anthony Toomata, Cinco De Mayo), a local journalist, escapes.

Emboldened, Mila recruits her friends from the adult film community who form a ragtag militia and set out to destroy the cult of The Sword.

Rounding  out  the  cast  is  a  bevy  of  adult  film  actresses  including  Ginger  Lynn (Sunset  Stripped),  Joanna  Angel  (All  Access  P.O.V.),  Sophie  Dee  (Out  of Control)  and  Alexis  Amore  (Bario  Bitches).  Also  featured  are  Daniel  James Moody  (Brothers)  and  Bryan  Hurd  (Fever  Dream). Streets  of Vengeance is written  and  directed  by  Paul  Ragsdale  (Cinco  De  Mayo, Brothers),  produced by  Angelica  De  Alba  (Cinco  De  Mayo co-writer),  photographed  by  Dan Zampa  and  scored  by  Vestron  Vulture.


Audio  commentary  with  writer/director  Paul  Ragsdale, producer Angelica  De  Alba  and  cinematographer  Dan  Zampa

Making  of “Streets  of  Vengeance” featurette

Cast  &  crew  interviews



Photo  galleries

Music  videos


”Slashlorette  Party” trailer

   “Tough  Guys” trailer

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