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Preview: Combat Shock (Bluray)

Available now, Severin Films just released the definitive edition of Buddy Giovinazzo’s infamous and unforgettable COMBAT SHOCK in a deluxe package, limited to only 2000 units! In addition to a brilliant new transfer of the director’s cut, overseen by Buddy himself, this package is overflowing with exclusive content never before glimpsed by human eyes! This release is only available from the Severin webstore, and no more will be manufactured beyond this wave of 2000.
In 1984, underground audiences began to discover AMERICAN NIGHTMARES, a shockingly grim no-budget feature from Staten Island, NY-based writer/producer/editor/director Buddy Giovinazzo. Cut by 8 minutes and released under the title COMBAT SHOCK, it became one of the essential cult films of the decade. It has been called “relentless” (The New York Times), “visceral” (Montreal Gazette) and “legendary” (DVD Talk). Over 30 years later, it remains one of the most brutally relevant indie film experiences of our time. Severin Films proudly presents this epic limited edition of Giovinazzo’s “outsider art of the first order… an authentic nightmare vision of a man’s downward spiral in a total sewer of a city” (Birth Movies Death), now featuring a new 2k scan supervised by the director, new commentaries and interviews, never-before-seen early shorts, the original soundtrack, and more!
Each disc comes in an individually numbered slipcase signed by Buddy Giovinazzo. The whole package also comes with a collectible book, featuring 96 pages of Buddy G’s Shoot Diary Illustrated With Rare Stills, Storyboards & More!
COMBAT SHOCK Special Features:
●     American Nightmares Director’s Cut (new 4k scan from 35mm Inter-negative with 2k inserts from the Director’s personal 16mm answer print. Mono audio remastered from original mag tracks. New color correction supervised by Director Buddy Giovinazzo)
●     Audio Commentary With Writer / Producer / Director Buddy Giovinazzo, Actor / Composer Rick Giovinazzo and Special Makeup Effects Artist Ed Varuolo
●     The Brothers G – Interview with Buddy & Rick Giovinazzo
●     Nightmare Effects – Interview with Special Makeup Effects Artist Ed Varuolo
●     Combat Shots – Interview with Director of Photography Stella Varveris
●     Playing Paco – Interview with Actor Mitch Maglio
●     Mike the Junkie Memories – Interview with Actor Michael Tierno
●     American Deep Red – Interview with Artist / Critic Stephen Bissette
●     Shock Xpression – Interview with International Film Journalist Alan Jones
●     Out-takes and Tests
●     Post Traumatic – An American Nightmare Featurette
●     Hellscapes – Locations Then And Now
●     Buddy Giovinazzo and Jörg Buttgereit at 2009 Berlin Film Festival
●     Combat Shock Trailer
●     16MM Short Films:
○     Mr. Robbie: Maniac II Promo (New 2k scan from Answer Print)
■     Audio Commentary With Director Buddy Giovinazzo and Composer Rick Giovinazzo
■     Outtakes
○     Jonathan Of The Night Promo (New 2k Scan from Work Print)
○     The Lobotomy 16mm Version
○     Leave This World (Music Video) (New 2k scan from Answer Print)
○     A Christmas Album
●     8MM Short Films:
○     The Lobotomy 8mm Version
○     A Christmas Album
○     More Than A Mouthful
○     Paranoiac
○     Maniac Drummer
●     Bonus Disc: Soundtrack CD (First ever release of the score, newly mastered from recently discovered original 1/4″ Tapes)
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