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Remembering Margot Kidder (1948-2018)

Margot Kidder, best known for her role as Superman’s squeeze,  ‘Lois Lane’, the no-nonsense investigative reporter of Daily Planet fame, has died at 69.

Canadian, Kidder who started working in low-budget films in the 60’s and shot to fame in the 70’s/80’s Superman blockbusters passed away in her sleep on Sunday.

Not content with playing the character on the big screen, Margot would have made a pretty good Lois Lane in the real world too.   In the 90’s she was dubbed a “Baghdad Betty” for her outspoken stance against the Gulf War (later proven by the UK’s Chilcot Report to have been based on lies, go Lois!!) and was a keen supporter of Bernie Sanders, the least likely US politician ever to become a super villain.   Yep, Clark would have been just as proud of Margot as she stood up for the environment and peace as he ever was Lois.

I can’t write this obituary without mentioning that Margot was a babe either.  She was hot, super hot too and I don’t mind admitting she was one of my first (and probably some of your first) childhood crushes!  In fact three years before she stole our hearts, she appeared in the March Playboy of 1975 after gaining career momentum staring across the like of Robert Redford and Peter Fonda in the years building up to the shoot.

Another role fans of Cult Faction will be interested was in the superb horror-classic The Amityville Horror.  Kidder was nominated for a Saturn Award for Best Actress for her chilling portrayal of the mother of Daniel, Christopher and Missy and wife to George, Kathleen (Kathy) Lutz, in the 1979 rendition of the spooky true story.

After the last of the hero movies, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, I have to admit I personally didn’t see too much more of Margot.  Cameos in Maverick, Smallville and Rob Zombie’s Halloween II aside she pretty much went off my radar, although looking through her back catalogue,  I might have to check her out in the 94 film The Pornographer.  For err research purposes only, obviously <blush>.   I’m also pretty pleased to find out she was the voice of Gaia in the 90’s cult cartoon Captain Planet.  What a gal?She was also a pretty close friend of Superman actor Christopher Reeve and whilst she was a self-proclaimed atheist, I for one can’t help but wish she got this one wrong and that the pair of them are enjoying a nice quiet glass of champagne right now, from a luxurious view over Niagara Falls.

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