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Lizard Men #2

Now before I get to the nitty gritty, I have to hold my hand up and state that the last time I read a comic book was when I was considering writing a screenplay version of Rogue Trooper and that must’ve been at least 14 years ago, a lot has happened since then and comic books still have their fundamentals but, as with everything, they’re now online as well as hardback, so to speak.

So I get asked if I want to review Comichaus’s Lizard Men #2 and I jump at the chance, and it’s a good story considering that I’ve not read Lizard Men #1.  I am assuming that Lizard Men #2 starts off from the end of #1, and it’s a modern day story where we have a rock star as a Prime Minister and a very irrate redhead, that looks like an angry Scully from the X-Files, as an assistant or, dare I say it, Deputy Prime Minister, the story isn’t clear on that or maybe it is explained in #1?  Anyway, the presumption of Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll is stigmatised on our Prime Minister and he’s disappeared and Angry Scully cannot find him, We find him located in a squatt recovering from a shot of drugs and regretting every minute of it.  The story runs along with a conclusive explosion and a To Be Continued….. setting the reader up, quite nicely, for the next episode in this saga that I’d be quite happy to see on the big screen, who wouldn’t want to see a Rock Star Prime Minister in this current economical and planetary day and age of ours?

I have to mention right now that there are a load of characters that aren’t explained in this but the story goes at a pace that doesn’t confuse, there are characters with white suits and white hats, maybe these are the Lizard Men but they promote anguish and control over unsuspecting members of the story.  There’s also some evident swearing in it, new to me but then this day and age it’s a requirement as it’s prevalent in everyday life.  There is some violence and it has a very British flavour all the way through and it’s very welcome as the comics I have read have had an American influence.

The artist is very talented, but then at this level they have to be.  The layout has momentum and impact.  The script is very brutal and very passionate.

Overall this is a British masterpiece of comic book literature and the series would definitely be a worthy read.  I’m looking forward to the next installment and I’d like to see this one’s predecessor.  And if a comic book is going to ignite the imagination of a chap in his 40’s then this must definitely be a must for other comic book fans who want something away from the normal comic books.

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