Billy ‘King of Kong’ Mitchell’s ‘Donkey Kong’ scores are proven to be a lie!

Billy Mitchell, known as  the “King of Kong,” has had his long-contested Donkey Kong high scores stripped from the Twin Galaxies leaderboards following a lengthy investigation and the organization has notified Guinness World Records of its decision. On top of that all of his records have been removed from the forums and he has been banned from all Twin Galaxies competitive leaderboards.

The investigation resulted in confirming long-held suspicions: the provided evidence tape of the King of Kong score didn’t come from actual arcade hardware. Same goes for his 1,050,200-point “Mortgage Brokers” score. TG said there wasn’t enough evidence to comfortably make a definitive judgment on a third score of 1,062,800. There have been many who have disputed Mitchell’s scores stating that emulation software must have been used because original hardware doesn’t produce the board transition images that were recorded. The problem over the years has been proving it.

“Twin Galaxies has endeavoured to provide a fair opportunity and reasonable amount of time for all sides and interests to present their thoughts and evidence as it has evaluated this dispute claim,” Twin Galaxies stated. “Throughout every step of this investigation, Billy Mitchell had the opportunity to answer questions and contribute to the public dispute thread. However, he was under no obligation to participate in this dispute thread and as such he chose not to do so.”

Mitchell is no longer recognized as the first million-point Donkey Kong record holder, that honour now goes to long-time rival Steve Wiebe.

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