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MTV taking a stab at Scream season 3….or not?

Reboots, spin-offs, and sequels all have a tendency to be judged quicker than fresh material, due to the reputation of the original looming in the back of the mind. This was especially the case for MTV’s series, Scream. However, Scream was a pleasant surprise full of intrigue, a killer with puns and quick wit, and likable, relatable characters. Both season one and two kept the audience hooked, as they pieced together new evidence weekly. While some backstories unraveled quickly, others twisted and turned all season, allowing for mystery up until the very end.

Now, it seems as though it was forever ago when we first met Emma, Audrey, Noah and the three others of the Lakewood six during the premiere of the Scream television series in 2015. Many fans of the original movies came into the series a bit skeptical of how MTV was going to continue the legend of Ghostface. After news of Wes Craven’s involvement as a producer, a few of those uneasy feelings were put to rest. Sadly, during the airing of season one, Craven passed away causing season two to be filmed without his involvement.

Season two came directly a year after season one, with ratings reportedly dropping during season two. MTV had planned to revamp the series for season three and completely start over with a new cast. A fresh cast, new killer, and updated storyline has MTV hoping for a shift upward in ratings. Additionally, there was a rumored appearance of the original Ghostface mask from the 1996 classic. The newly redesigned mask upset with fans who were more in favor of the classic look despite the fact that MTV created a reboot as opposed to a continuation of the originals.

MTV officially confirmed the third season and planned to premiere the revamped show this month. With only days left in March and no sign of advertising or an official trailer on the site, many are wondering what’s up. Sources such as Syfy wire and TVLine had even released cast names, brief character descriptions, and the shooting location. All that’s left now is a release date. …..MTV? ……Hello?


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