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Preview released for Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger- Space: Episode 47 – The Savior’s Promise

The Kyurangers were able to destroy Don Armage’s plans and put an end to Cuervo’s reign. However, Don Armage suddenly possesses his true target… Ohtori Tsurugi! By possessing his body, Don Armage now has the power of HouOh’s immortality and the power of the dark planesium! Don Armage’s desire was to rule the universe using this unlimited amount of power! Tsurugi had predicted this before, and asked the Kyurangers to destroy Don Armage. The Kyurangers however won’t abandon their friend. A new Don Armage has been born, and kills Shou Ronpou! Lucky wonders if he really made the right decision. Lucky seeks advice from his friends. If they are willing to fight with him to the end, meet him on the bridge tomorrow morning. The Kyurangers spend the night before the final battle incredibly indecisive, and with anger, fear, sorrow, and loss in their hearts…

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