My Top 5 Lucha Films!

Assembling a Top 5 Lucha/Horror listing of these type of films is a very difficult task, because some of the better titles are not easy to find, but probably the signature film of this genre should be Las Momias de Guanajuato, which starred Blue Demon, Mil Mascaras, and Santo.

After that, the following would be included in my Top 5…


Los Campeones JusticierosThe Champions Of Justice (1970)

Los Campeones Justicieros (The Avengers  of Lucha films) featured two of the big three enmascarados, but also other Mexican masked wrestlers such as El Rayo de Jalisco, and Tinieblas. In this film the luchadores faces the dangers of “La Mano Negra” (The Black Hand), a mad scientist and his midget henchmen.

La Mano Negra freeze victims so that they become his willing slaves, kidnapping dignitaries for ransom, and lately enslaving the luchadores so that they can help him with his desires of power and world domination!

In addition to action sequences, there are lots of beautiful women to look from a beTy contest and plenty of old wrestling matches.



Santo en el Tesoro de DraculaSanto In The Treasure Of Dracula (1968)

In these film, Santo is featured as a scientific inventor who has created a time machine. To test his invention, Santo sends his friend (Luisa) back to the 19th century using a tunnel like devise where she was the daughter of a Professor Soler. Soler is worried about his daughter’s declining health and has called in his old friend named Professor Van Roth for advice. Van Roth immediately recognized the situation and believes Soler’s neighbour is the legendary vampire, Count Alucard. Back to the future, Santo Supulveda and their silly and coward friend Perico witness these events unfold on closed circuit television. After Luisa is bitten by Alucard, Santo saves her by returning her to the present. Santo and friends then decide to find the Dracula’s treasure, but things get complicated by another masked foe with the same desires, and when Dracula is resurrected, he continues to have a hold over Luisa’s who he wants to make his eternal wife. 


This particular version is in black and white, and thanks to Rise Above Entertainment, comes with English subtitles, as well as some photo stills, posters, and trailers of other Santo films. Another version of this film, titled El Vampiro y el Sexo, was produced in color for the European adult market. This version of the film has Dracula’s brides wandering around in the half naked and contains more violence that the original version.



Santo y Blue Demon contra Dracula y el Hombre LoboSanto And Blue Demon Against Dracula And The Wolfman (1973)

In my opinion, one of the best  Lucha films involved teams of two or more masked wrestlers, and a pretty cool monster team-ups consists of a weird hunchback, Dracula, and the wolf-man and a mastermind for named Eric. The plot begins with Eric reviving Dracula and the wolf-man to take a deadly revenge against Professor Cristaldi, his beautiful daughter, and his granddaughter. It seems that long time ago, Cristaldi used white magic to finish the reign of terror of Dracula and the wolf-man. Eric only goal is to gain the count’s riches by the way….When not fighting the monsters and Eric minions, Santo and Blue Demon dispute a couple of  professional wrestling matches.



Santo y Blue Demon contra los MonstruosSanto And Blue Demon Against The Monsters (1969)

This film has a full assembly of monsters from the Frankenstein creation, a mummy, vampires, a wolf-man, the cyclops, and the creature from the black lagoon! The storyline begins with Dr Frankenstein plots an attack against Santo and Blue Demon. An evil doctor assemble a team of monsters, kidnaps Blue Demon and creates a clone of the luchador, who along with the monsters fights Santo.



La Sombra del Murciélago The Shadow of the Bat (1966)

A black and white film starring Blue Demon, featuring an horribly-disfigured ex-wrestler and musician dressed as a human bat. The human bat kidnaps a beautiful girl and holds her captive in his underground cave, hoping to attracts her friend, Blue Demon, into a trap to have a private wrestling match with him. This film is reminiscent of the old Universal film “PHANTOM OF THE OPERA” in both style and atmosphere.  

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