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Stephen King Soundtrack Collection – Limited Box Set Details

Varèse Sarabande Records is proud to announce a new 8-CD box set celebrating the music of four classic Stephen King titles – DREAMCATCHER, FIRESTARTER, THE STAND and THE SHINING.  The limited edition STEPHEN KING SOUNDTRACK COLLECTION box set (1500 units) is designed to pay tribute to Stephen King paperbacks with a 24-page bound booklet.
Two beloved titles are featuring expanded editions.  The 1994 post-apocalyptic mini-series THE STAND, earned prolific composer W. G. Snuffy Walden an EMMY® nomination that year.  The four-part mini-series boasted an all-star cast including Gary Sinise, Rob Lowe, Molly Ringwald, Ray Walston, Ruby Dee, and Ossie Davis.  Directed by Lawrence Kasdan, 2003’s DREAMCATCHER features original music by Academy Award® nominee James Newton Howard.  Both are being released as 2-CD deluxe editions.
One of the earlier Stephen King books to be adapted into film, FIRESTARTER features original music by Tangerine Dream – and is being reissued for the first time in almost 15 years.  The film launched Drew Barrymore into superstardom, following her introduction as Gertie in E.T. two years earlier.  The album is considered the crowning achievement from one of the band’s most prolific lineups (Edgar Froese, Christopher Franke, and Johannes Schmoelling).
The 1997 three-part mini-series THE SHINING is being presented on a 3-CD set, one disc for each night of the special event series.  The origin of the miniseries is attributed to King’s dissatisfaction with the 1980 adaptation directed by Stanley Kubrick.  The mini-series was shot at The Stanley Hotel (Estes Park, CO) – which was the hotel that inspired King to write the book in the first place.  The Nicholas Pike-penned score is being released commercially for the first time.
Housing the collection is a 24-page bound booklet, featuring liner notes by Randall D. Larson with original art by Shawn Conn.
STEPHEN KING SOUNDTRACK COLLECTION will be available directly from Varèse Sarabande Records on November 10, 2017.
Four disillusioned friends take a camping trip, but the town they are vacationing in comes under attack from extra-terrestrial parasites which threaten all life on Earth.
Disc One:
1. Main Titles (2:47)
2. Finding The Keys / Be Careful (2:15)
3. Accident / To The Cabin (2:03)
4. Gathering Wood / Remembering Duddits (1:01)
5. Memory Warehouse (0:35)
6. Toasting Duddit (0:53)
7. Saving Duddits (2:56)
8. Finding Rick (1:50)
9. Animal Exodus (3:43)
10. The Bathroom / What Is It? (3:55)
11. Weasel Kills Beaver (5:43)
12. Military Moves In (1:06)
13. Scout’s Honor (2:43)
14. Becky Bleeds (1:14)
15. Weasel Attacks Pete (3:32)
16. Jonesy And Gray Debate (5:00)
17. Henry Returns To The Cabin (4:20)
18. Boys Find Josie (4:19)
Disc Two:
1. I’m That Monster (3:50)
2. Gray Kills Pete / Trucker (2:37)
3. Jonesy Gets Files (2:10)
4. Soldiers Find Henry (2:27)
5. Reading Curtis’ Mind (0:45)
6. Henry Tells Owen (2:49)
7. Owen Rescues Henry (1:08)
8. Jonesy Calls Henry (2:06)
9. Picking Up Duddits (2:54)
10. Killing Trooper (1:06)
11. Duddits Tells Story (3:27)
12. Curtis Takes Chopper (3:18)
13. Curtis And Owen Battle (2:55)
14. Owen Dead (2:06)
15. Mr. Gray Go Away (3:35)
16. Duddits and Mr. Gray (2:40)
17. It’s Over (0:37)
18. End Credits (5:37)
After taking part in an experiment, a college couple acquires telekinetic powers; subsequently their daughter Charlene (“Charlie”) is born with Pyrokinesis. They go on the run to keep the child from becoming weaponized by government agents.
Disc Three:
1. Crystal Voice (3:13)
2. The Run (4:53)
3. Testlab (4:04)
4. Charly The Kid (3:58)
5. Escaping Point (5:13)
6. Rainbirds Move (2:36)
7. Burning Force (4:24)
8. Between Realities (3:01)
9. Shop Territory (3:19)
10. Flash Final (5:19)
11. Out Of The Heat (2:33)
Spending the winter alone with his family as caretakers in a remote hotel, a recovering alcoholic wrestles with his personal demons – and plenty more coming at him from out of the ancient, haunted woodwork.
Disc Four (Night #1):
1. Main Titles – Night #1 (1:55)
2. Flashback (1:23)
3. Hello / Nice Day For Croquet (Tied) (2:03)
4. Tire Slash Time / Time To Play (3:26)
5. Memory Of Dad (5:14)
6. Scary Stop Sign (2:19)
7. Read Between The Lines (1:37)
8. A Scary View (2:02)
9. The Hotel Waits / Comin’ To Get Doc / Lend Me A Hand (4:33)
10. Danny Holds Back (2:14)
11. That’s How It Is For Me (1:06)
12. Give Me A Holler (1:53)
13. The Lonely Wind / The Picture Changes / What’s So Sweet About It? (2:24)
14. Alone (2:00)
15. A Near Fall (2:09)
16. No Sale (1:40)
17. Safe As Safe Can Be / There Is No Tony (2:31)
18. Night Nest / Freeze You Bastards (2:45)
19. End Credits – Night #1 (0:54)
Disc Five (Night #2):
1. Main Titles – Night #2 (2:00)
2. How Did He Break His Arm? (1:35)
3. The Usual Suspects (2:49)
4. Behind The Door (5:40)
5. Are You Gonna Hurt Me? / What Does Redrum Mean? (3:02)
6. Please Stay (1:56)
7. Dollhouse Mallet / Into The Room (6:17)
8. Dad On The Radio / That Was Close (5:19)
9. A Key Is Missing (2:29)
10. Boy On The Stairs (1:56)
11. Not My Shade (0:58)
12. I’m Not Seeing That / Trapped (2:30)
13. They’re After Danny (3:36)
14. End Credits – Night #2 (0:53)
Disc Six (Night #3):
1. Main Titles – Night #3 (1:49)
2. Someone Got Their Fuse Blown (5:04)
3. That’s Not The Problem (1:44)
4. Dad In The Window / Where There’s A Will (4:56)
5. Drive Through The Snow (2:23)
6. Girl With A Knife / Interfering Again (2:27)
7. It’s A Drag (2:49)
8. Nothing But Spooks / Unmask (5:07)
9. Batter Up / Run And Hide (1:50)
10. Between The Eyes (3:37)
11. Here’s Jack (2:31)
12. What’s Been Forgotten (2:57)
13. Take Your Medicine (4:29)
14. What Could You Know? (2:29)
15. Dump It (2:09)
16. Think The Party’s Over (3:04)
17. All’s Well That Ends Well (3:38)
18. End Credits – Night #3 (0:53)
19. Main Titles – Night #1 [Mix 1] (1:57)
20. Hello (0:17)
21. Nice Day For Croquet (1:34)
22. They’re After Danny [Mix 1] (3:24)
23. Main Titles – Night #3 [Mix 1] (1:49)
24. What Could You Know [Mix 1] (2:28)
After an apocalyptic influenza pandemic decimates half the world’s human population, scattered remnants join one of two camps, one led by a benevolent elder named Mother Abagail and the other by maleficent sorcerer Randall Flagg. This epic conflict of good versus demonic evil will end with humanity’s last stand.
Disc Seven:
1. Project Blue (1:33)
2. The Dreams Begin (2:07)
3. On The Road To Kansas (3:56)
4. The Trashman In Vegas (1:57)
5. Headin’ West (1:55)
6. Larry & Nadine (The Rejection) (2:38)
7. Mother Abigail (3:10)
8. “Sorry Mister, I Don’t Understand” (Tom & Nick Meet) (2:53)
9. Mid Country: By The Stream (3:21)
10. Mother Greets The Multitudes (1:25)
11. M-O-O-N…That Spells Suicide (2:12)
12. “One Will Fall By The Way” (3:43)
13. Beginning Of The End (3:21)
14. The Stand (3:45)
15. Tom & Stu Go Home (2:33)
16. “Ain’t She Beautiful” (6:00)
Disc Eight:
1. Escaping (2:06)
2. Streets Of New York (0:53)
3. Trashy And The Dark Man (1:24)
4. Sewing The Canvas (1:27)
5. Corn Fields (2:06)
6. Locked Up (2:03)
7. New York No More (3:51)
8. The Funeral (2:58)
9. Leaving Mother Abigail’s (1:43)
10. Las Vegas (3:14)
11. Nadine Seduction (1:55)
12. Table Talk (5:44)
13. Boulder To Vegas (3:07)
14. Trashy Lights Up (1:56)
15. Nadine’s Dream (2:51)
16. Captured (2:06)
17. War Preparations (3:25)
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