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Preview released for Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger- Space 36: The Legend That Sleeps Within Lucky’s Homeworld!

Don Armage was secretly possessing Hoshi Minato! The Kyurangers are greatly surprised by this fact. However, it is true that the Don Armage they defeated wasn’t as strong as they thought he would be. So is it really possible that there is more than just one Don Armage in the universe? To find out, the Kyurangers make their way towards Planet Southern Cross. Meanwhile, the Kyurangers receive an urgent transmission from the Leo Minor System, Planet Ruth. Yes, Ruth, the planet where Lucky was raised. They were also able to hear cries of living creatures within the transmission as well. Lucky suddenly hears the voice of one of his childhood friends, as Shou Ronpou orders the Kyurangers to rescue Planet Ruth…

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