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Doctor Who: The Fifth Doctor is back!

Coming soon from Big Finish, Peter Davison returns as the Fifth Doctor with companions Tegan, Nyssa and Adric, played by Janet Fielding, Sarah Sutton and Matthew Waterhouse.

Having last worked together in the TV episode Earthshock (1982) which depicted Adric’s untimely demise, the team were first reunited for Big Finish in the Fifth Doctor Boxset in August 2014 to great acclaim.

Their next three brand new four-part stories will be out monthly from January 2018, as part of Big Finish’s monthly Doctor Who range.

January 2018: Kingdom of Lies by Robert Khan and Tom Salinsky

The TARDIS crew is mistaken for a team of deadly assassins, hired to facilitate royal assassination.

February 2018: Ghost Walk by James Goss

A walking tour guide meets a ghost who says her tour is being used to bring a terrible being into our world. Before he died, the ghost was known as the Doctor.

March 2018: Serpent in the Silver Mask by David Llewellyn

On the planet of Argentia, a tax haven for the ultra-rich, a murderer is working their way through the members of the Mazzini family. Can the Doctor and his friends stay alive long enough to discover the killer’s identity?

Big Finish chatted to Guy Adams, who told them what to expect in this trio of stories, set in, “Early 1982. The Commodore 64 has set the computing world alight and West German Nachtigall, Nicole wins Eurovision by wishing for A Little Peace. Somewhere in the vortex, four travellers in Space and Time might agree with her but thanks to pesky Terileptils, smug space frogs and naughty snake deities they’re unlikely to get any.

“It’s always a joy reuniting the Fifth Doctor with Tegan, Nyssa and Adric and in this trilogy we ensure their hectic existence continues.

“In Kingdom of Lies from Robert Khan and Tom Salinksy, they’re split into pairs and mistaken for deadly assassins. When embroiled in a particularly spiteful divorce will Doctor Scorpion and his vicious colleague in slaughter, Nyssa the Destroyer win the day? Or will Adric and Tegan, from the Order of Alzarius, strike first?

Kingdom of Lies is, at heart, a bubbly farce. Albeit one with Deadly Drones of Death and psychotic killers for hire. Listeners who heard Robert and Tom’s Early Adventure The Ravelli Conspiracy will know they have previous for wringing joy from courtly intrigue.

“In Ghost Walk from James Goss, tour guide Leanne has become the target of an ancient force known as Sabaoth, her only hope is one of the ghosts on her tour. A ghost called The Doctor.

“As soon as James sent me this idea revolving around a ghost tour I knew we were in for something special. James has a great skill in balancing the epic with the mundane, those lovely little everyday details that make his scripts pop with realism. Ghost Walk is an unusual story and offers real heart as well as apocalyptic danger and — as always from James — dialogue so sharp I had to handle the script with gloves. It moves from shadow to light then right back into the shadows again.

“Finally, in a delicious slice of Space Giallo from David Llewellyn, our heroes find themselves trapped at a memorial service on Argentia, the galaxy’s most exclusive tax haven. Sealed off from the rest of time, will they manage to stop the Serpent in the Silver Mask before he or she kills again?

“David and I discovered we both shared a love of Italian Giallo movies — stylish thrillers hugely popular in the 70s — so when I approached him it seemed sensible to turn this mutual love to our advantage. Serpent in the Silver Mask is a blissfully fun murder mystery shot through with the gloss and spectacle that the Italians loved to bring to the form. If Mario Bava had directed a version of Kind Hearts and Coronets in space — and now I come to think of it, why didn’t he? — it would have been something like this.”

These stories will each be available from Big Finish at £14.99 on CD or £12.99 on download, or available via the Big Finish subscription. You can subscribe to the Main Range in either six or twelve month subscriptions. Subscribers can enjoy a range of bonuses, including exclusive extras from behind-the-scenes, up to four exclusive subscriber Short Trip releases, PDFs of each script and a free Big Finish release!

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