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Joker and Harley Quinn movie in the works

In the “lets see what shit sticks to the wall” film universe that is otherwise known as the DC Extended Universe it would appear that Joker and Harley Quinn are getting their own movie. With recent news that the new solo Batman movie will not be part of the DCEU it would seem they have gone grasping at their next best cash cow.

Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, directors and executive producers of the hit drama This Is Us and who also wrote and helmed the 2011 film Crazy, Stupid, Love are in final negotiations to pen and helm the project. Jared Leto and Margot Robbie are due to reprise their roles as the villains. Does this mean Robbie is now in about five possible Harley Quinn movies?

The questions remain as to whether or not the movie will show Harley Quinn as a victim of abuse who continues to embrace that abuse and continues to go back to that abusive perpetrator, Will the Stockholm Syndrome of the situation be used? Will they actually remember that these two are evil villains are should not be liked? Or, will we get a chortling Bonnie & Clyde tupe story?

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