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Flash: The Return of Barry Allen

The Return of Barry Allen originally appeared in The Flash #74-79 but is now also available in trade paperback. As  the story opens it is Christmas Eve and Jay Garrick (the original Flash) and Wally West (the third Flash) are enjoy the Christmas Eve with their better halves Joan and Linda in Jay’s house. Then the door knocks… as they open the door everybody is shocked to see Barry Allen (Wally’s Uncle, the second Flash) who up until this point had been dead a number of years.

A short time later Jay and Green Lantern Hal Jordan meet up with Barry who explains to them that he reformed from a being of energy into a human during Wally’s fight with Doctor Alchemy. He could not remember who he is until he visited Flash Museum and stole one of the older Flash costumes he found there and the next thing he did was found Jay and Wally.

Wally remains very sceptical about Barry’s return but Hal assures him that his ring is confirming that Barry is telling the truth. Surely nothing could fool a ring of a Green Lantern?

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