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Review: Doctor Who – The Doctor Falls (Season 10, Ep. 12)

Once again Moffat has done it; much like the thirteen ‘Doctors’ uniting in the fiftieth anniversary special here he gave ‘Whovian’s’ another nerd-gasm. The moment we head the voice and saw the silhouette we knew who it was. Roll on Christmas; one and twelve together, there won’t be a minute of dialogue that’s not filled with sarcasm.

‘The Doctor Falls’ was one of those moments everything was perfect. Everything from the story, to the dialogue, to the performances; it just seemed to effortlessly come together. Any scene with any combination of the ‘Doctor, ‘Master’ and ‘Missy’ was a joy. John Simm as the ‘Master’ just seems to relish in the evil and the sight of him trying on eyeliner won’t leave me for a while.

It was once again Pearl Mackie as ‘Bill’ that shone the brightest. Playing a ‘Cyberman’ whilst not in the suit must be a challenge. Pearl was more than up to the challenge giving a genuinely moving performance. If the rumours are true and this is the end of ‘Bill’s’ story arc, it was one to be cherished.

That’s not to take anything away from Peter Capaldi. In his last season he’s finally been given the stories his ‘Doctor’ deserved. Once again he was given a monologue; in a speech to the ‘Master’ and ‘Missy’ he tried to appeal to their better nature and have them stand with him. It was a rousing hair on the back of the neck moment. Surely he’s now done enough to secure his legacy.

Season ten has been the best for a while. In fact I’m struggling to think of a modern day series, like this one, that has not had a bad episode lurking somewhere within. Also, for the first time in years, I’m not worried about the Christmas episode’ when we say goodbye to not only twelve, but Steven Moffat too.

Marks out of 10: 10



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