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Review: Doctor Who – Oxygen (Season 10, Ep. 5)

Space zombies not only sounds like an amazing straight to VHS eighties horror, but is also a short synopsis of this weeks episode.

‘Oxygen’ saw the ‘Doctor’, ‘Bill’, & ‘Nardole’ trapped on a space station where the air costs and is slowly running out. To complicate matters the space suits needed to breathe are killing those within them whilst at the same time keeping the corpses animated.

The episode was well paced and once again was full of great dialogue. Much of this season has seen the ‘Doctor’ and ‘Bill’ verbally sparing, but in ‘Oxygen’ it was the turn of the ‘Doctor’ and ‘Nardole’. Film critic Mark Kermode has often stated for a comedy film to work it needs at least seven laugh out loud moments; Peter Capaldi and Matt Lucas managed that within forty-five minutes. There was also a nice moment between Pearl Mackie’s ‘Bill’ and blue alien ‘Dahn-Ren’ played by Peter Caulfield.

‘Oxygen’ had a hard task to match up to last weeks episode ’Knock Knock’; and whilst it didn’t quite match up it did hold its own against the high quality of the rest of season ten. We’re nearly half way through and not a whiff of a dud episode.

Then there was the ending. More akin to ‘The Walking Dead’ then something from a family friendly sci-fi; the ‘Doctors’ continued blindness was a shocking and harrowing reveal. It may also hint at the reason for the early regeneration we’ve seen a snippet of in the previews.

Marks out of 10: 8

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