Cult Movie Essentials

Wishing Stairs (2003)

Wishing Stairs is the third installment of the Whispering Corridors film series set in girls high schools, but, as with all films in the series, it is unrelated to the others.

In Wishing Stairs we meet Yun Jin-sung (Song Ji-hyo) and Kim So-hee’s life (Park Han-byul) – best friends whoa are studying ballet at an all-girls art school. However, their friendship soon turns sour when they find themselves competing for a single spot in a Russian ballet school.

At an art exhibit within the school, Jin-sung learns from an odd, near obese student named Eom Hye-ju (Jo An), of an old legend that if a person climbs the twenty eight steps leading up to the school’s dormitory, counting each step aloud, and finds a twenty ninth, then a fox spirit will appear, and grant that person’s wish.

Curious, Jin-sung does climb the stairs and comes across the twenty ninth, happily wishing to gain the spot. To her surprise and anger later on, So-hee is selected instead. When So-hee confronts her on this, Jin-sung declares her hatred towards her best friend and accidentally sends the former down a flight of stairs during a scuffle. So-hee is left unconsciousness and hospitalized…

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