Cult Movie Essentials

The New Kids (1985)

Abby McWilliams (Lori Loughlin) and her brother Loren McWilliams (Shannon Presby) are a pair of teenagers.

When their parents Mac (Tom Atkins) and Mary Beth (Jean de Baer) are killed in an accident, and it’s decided that Abby and Loren will live in the small town of Glenby, Florida with their uncle Charlie (Ed Jones) and aunt Fay (Lucy Martin), who own a gas station and a small amusement park, both of which are on Charlie and Fay’s property.

Loren and Abby do not have much trouble making friends at the high school in Glenby. Loren starts dating Karen (Paige Lyn Price), who is the daughter of the local sheriff (Court Miller), while Abby starts dating a guy named Mark (Eric Stoltz).

Loren feels uncomfortable when he sees a guy with blond hair harassing Abby one day at school in the cafeteria. Mark tells Loren and Abby that the blond haired guy is Eddie Dutra (James Spader), a drug-addicted teenager whose henchmen are Gideon (John Philbin), Moonie (David H. MacDonald), Gordo (Theron Montgomery), and Joe Bob (Vince Grant).

Dutra thinks Abby is very attractive, and that’s why he wants to get his hands on her. Loren helps Abby keep Dutra at a distance, and Dutra does not like that at all.

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