Cult Movies

Blonde Fist (Blu-Ray)

Margi Clarke stars in this 1991 cult classic as Ronnie O’Dowd, a single mum who walks out on an unhappy domestic life – and into an unexpected career. The third feature from Letter to Brezhnev director Frank Clarke, Blonde Fist co-stars Oscar-nominated Carroll Baker and Straw Dogs‘ Ken Hutchison; it is featured here in a brand-new High Definition transfer from the original film elements, in its original theatrical aspect ratio.

Fleeing problems at home, Ronnie O’Dowd heads to New York to track down her bare-knuckle-fighter father. Finding a burnt-out drunk instead of a big-time boxer, she has an immediate and pressing need to find hard cash! When a nightclub hosting a female boxing match has a no-show competitor, the offer of a thousand dollars to any woman who can last three minutes in the ring against their trained fighter proves too much for Ronnie to resist…

Blonde Fist is released on 13/02/2017. You can order HERE.

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