Cult Movie Essentials

April Fool’s Day (1986)

On the weekend leading up to April Fools’ Day, a group of college friends, consisting of Harvey (Jay Baker), Nikki (Deborah Goodrich), Rob (Ken Olandt), Skip(Griffin O’Neal), Nan (Leah Pinsent), Chaz (Clayton Rohner), Kit (Amy Steel), and Arch (Thomas F. Wilson ), gather to celebrate spring break by spending the weekend at the island mansion of Skip’s sister, Muffy St. John (Deborah Foreman).

When setting up[ for the party Muffy finds an old jack-in-the-box that she remembers in a flashback sequence. Meanwhile, her friends are joking around on the pier, then on the ferry to the island. When en route to the island, local deckhand Buck is seriously injured in a gruesome accident.

Once in the mansion on the island, it turns out Muffy has set up a variety of simple pranks such as a whoopee cushion and dribble glasses, to more complex and disturbing pranks such as an audiotape of a baby crying in someone’s room and heroin paraphernalia in a guest’s wardrobe. In spite of it all, the friends try to relax until Skip goes missing. Kit catches a glimpse of what looks like his dead body. Soon, Arch and Nan also go missing. During a search, Nikki falls in the island’s well and finds the severed heads of Skip and Arch, and the dead body of Nan. Afterward, the remaining group members discover that the phone lines are dead and there is no way to get off the island until Monday…

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