In January, Big Finish take you on a trip to London to visit the offices of Torchwood One in Torchwood One – Before the Fall, starring Tracy-Ann Oberman, Gareth David-Lloyd and Sophie Winkleman:

London, 2005. Yvonne Hartman is the undisputed head of Torchwood One. Above the government, beyond the police, she has excellent people skills; enjoys regular tea with the Queen; and effortlesssly defends the British Empire from alien threats.

Yvonne Hartman is excellent at her job, and inspires devotion in everyone who works with her – until, one day, she makes a terrible mistake. We all make mistakes. But only at Torchwood can a single mistake plunge your world into interstellar war.

Yvonne Hartman’s facing the fight of her life. One she’s going to win.

Torchwood One – Before The Fall, written by Joseph Lidster, Jenny T Colgan and Matt Fitton, is available from Big Finish in January and is currently at pre-release prices of £15 on Download and £20 for a CD version (which unlocks instant digital access).

Check out our other Torchwood releases here, with pre-order prices, bundles and subscriptions on the single-disc releases (which continue in March with Torchwood – Visiting Hours), the Tenth Anniversary special Torchwood – The Torchwood Archive, and this month’sTorchwood – Outbreak.

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