Big Finish open The Torchwood Archive!

Big Finish’s Torchwood Anniversary special – The Torchwood Archive is out now; a two-hour celebration of the tenth anniversary of the hugely popular Doctor Who spin-off, starring John Barrowman, Eve Myles,Gareth David-Lloyd, Naoko Mori, and a host of other familiar names. It also features Samuel Barnett as Norton Folgate, who this weekend debuts on BBC America as Douglas Adams‘ Dirk Gently in a new TV series!

And to further mark this anniversary, until 23:59 next Friday (UK time), Big Finish are offering a 15% discount on the first 12 of the Torchwood single disc releases, including such titles asThe Conspiracy, Fall to Earth, More Than This, Zone 10Moving Target and many more. Enter a discount code of 15OFFTW on check-out to have the discount applied to these individual titles, or go for the six-story Torchwood bundles for the first 12 releases which have been reduced in price for the weekend (note: discount codes don’t apply to subscriptions, bundles and pre-orders).

The Torchwood Archive is available from today on Download and CD, the pre-release prices of £11.99 and £13.99 being held until the end of 2016. The 15% offers end at 23:59 (UK time) on Friday 28th October. If you have Android or Apple devices and want to listen to your purchases on-the-go, try the free Big Finish apps.

Big Finish’s Torchwood ranges continue with more thrilling and intriguing single-disc stories from March, and with next month’s Torchwood – Outbreak and January’s Torchwood One – Before The Fall (both currently at pre-release prices).

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