Doctor Who – Short Trips 2018

Big Finish are delighted to confirm that a further run of 12 monthly Doctor Who – Short Trips stories will be released in 2018.

Producer Ian Atkins says, “I love being a part of a range which has been able to offer such variety and yet consistent entertainment, and am very grateful to Jason Haigh-ElleryNicholas Briggs and David Richardson for trusting me with it for another year. We’re already well under way on the titles, and as with some of the (as yet) unnamed 2017 stories, there are some pleasant surprises on the way. We’ve had a lot of great feedback on the range, and it’s always the highlight of my month when the next release goes live. I hope everyone enjoys what we’ve got coming up…”

Both the 2017 and (now) the 2018 series of Doctor Who – Short Trips can be subscribed to right now for £30 per year, or individual titles can be bought for £2.99 each and listened to instantly using our Big Finish apps for Apple and Android. The current series of 2016 titles can be found in our specially-priced bundle selections.

Until mid-day today (UK time) you can still buy any of the 2015 Short Trips for £1.99 each, or in a bundle of 12 for £20, with the first four volumes of Doctor Who – Short Trips available for £12.99 on CD or £5 on Download.

A new Doctor Who – Short Trips Rarities range was revealed at the weekend, offering some Big Finish Doctor Who treats for £2.25 each on download, with all five bundled together for a mere £10.

The most recent release has been Joseph Lidster‘s Doctor Who – A Full Life, read by Matthew Waterhouse. And there’s a free download of the story’s music by Rob Harvey for all purchasers.

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