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The Doomsday Chronometer is ticking and the Doom Coalition is nearly here! The Eighth Doctor, Liv Chenka, Helen Sinclair and River Song return for the third box-set of our Eighth Doctor saga…

The Doctor Who: Doom Coalition saga continues the Big Finish adventures of the Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann) across four box-sets and one epic story! Joined by Liv Chenka (Nicola Walker) and new companion Helen Sinclair (Hattie Morahan), the Doctor prepares to face his greatest challenge yet, when a sinister conspiracy threatens to pull reality apart.

After the disappearance of The Eleven – an insane Time Lord with his former personalities trapped in his head – at the end of Doctor Who: Doom Coalition 2, the third box-set in the series will find the Doctor once again crossing paths with his future wife, River Song (Alex Kingston).

Somewhere in the depths of the Time Vortex, the Doomsday Chronometer is counting down; and if the travellers can’t find all eight of its pieces, they may never be able to uncover the truth behind the Doom Coalition. It’s a race against time through the fourth dimension, with the TARDIS travelling to England in 1998, 15th century Prague, modern day Rome and the court of King Henry VIII.

Guest stars for the box-set include Jeremy Clyde (The Iron Lady, William Tell), Ian Puleston-Davies (Coronation Street, Revolver), Richard Hope (Doctor Who, Poldark) ,Anna Acton (Casualty, Eastenders), John Shrapnel (Gladiator, Troy), Tim McMullan(Shakespeare in Love, The Queen), Nicholas Woddeson (Skyfall, John Carter), Robert Bathurst (Toast of London, Blandings) and Janie Dee (Alan Aycbourn’s Comic Potential, Carousel).

Doctor Who: Doom Coalition 3 has been written by John Dorney and Matt Fitton and directed by Ken Bentley. It is available to pre-order now ahead of its release in October 2016 for £20 on both CD and to download; visit the range page to order your copy and for further information on the stories.

If you haven’t already, you can begin the Doom Coalition saga straight away with Big Finish’s money-saving bundle of all four box-sets. Purchasers can enjoy instant access to Doom Coalition 1 and Doom Coalition 2 thanks to the complimentary digital downloads included with all CD orders. Downloads of Doom Coalition 3 will also be available from the moment of release; and with the set not available from other retailers until the end of December 2017, pre-ordering is the perfect way to ensure you’re one of the first to listen!

Doctor Who: Doom Coalition 1 and Doom Coalition 2 are also available individually for £22 on CD or £20 to download this weekend as part of Big Finish’s Monster Special Offers.

For more of the Eighth Doctor’s Big Finish adventures, visit Big Finish’s Eighth Doctor Collected page.

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