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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – R rated longer directors cut on home video

In a bid to hit all markets and get their hands on some of that Deadpool money director Zack Snyder stated to The Hollywoood Reporter that the film will be half an hour longer and a bit ore racey!

“Some of that additional material is some of the stuff we took out for the [PG-13] rating. I was like, ‘Cool, I can put it back in for the director’s cut,” he explained. “This was the material I just put back in, and then when [the MPAA] looked at it again, they were like, ‘Oh, now the movie’s rated R.’” Snyder added that some of the extra material “tips the scale” toward R material.

Snyder and producer Deborah Snyder also made clear the intention to make each DC Film into a director’s showcase with each filmmaker working from a framework devised by Snyder, Geoff Johns et al. He also referred to the upcoming Flash feature film as a “millennial Flash” with a tone all its own.

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