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Emilia Clarke

ec new 3Terminator Genisys is a steaming pile of molten metal and yet somehow rising from it was Emilia Clarke.  If you’re a Game of Thrones fan who just wants to see Dany Targaryen kick ass then that film will satisfy you, but there is much more to Emilia Clarke than that.

ec new 4The British actress had her breakout in HBO’s Game of Thrones back in 2011 as a timid girl with no self-esteem who turns into a powerful queen who mothers three dragons along the way. Sound weird? It’s absolutely is. But she’s very good at doing it. Her character is more than just somebody’s wife or somebody’s girlfriend and that is testament to her skills as an actress.  How many other TV moms do you know who look good after emerging from a burning pyre and giving birth to a dragon?


ec new 5She’s a strong, powerful women on a mission, and won’t let anyone get in her way. And while we grew to love Dany it became clear that the actress underneath the platinum blonde wig was an undoubtable talent, destined for even greater things, following a path to success as her character follows a path to the iron throne.

Clarke had only held very minor roles before her big break in the HBO hit series, one on an episode of British soap opera Doctors and another in a Syfy TV film, Triassic Attack, but it wouldn’t be until after Game of Thrones that Hollywood started to take notice.  Firstly in Spike Island, and then with the baby-faced badassery of Sarah Conner which could well be the jumping off point for greater things. She certainly seems to have good instincts, having turned down Fifty Shades of Grey because she didn’t want to be recognized for constantly doing nudity.

ec new 6As a student of the Drama Centre London (other alumni including Pierce Brosnan, Michael Fassbender, and Tom Hardy), Emilia Clarke was always going to want to branch out from just one role. So what’s next for her? I wouldn’t actually be surprised if it was comedy.  After the audition for Game of Thrones, one of the show runners asked her if there was anything else she could do. So what did Emilia Clarke do?  She ended up breaking out her biggest dance moves.

Apparently, Co-creator David Benioff jokingly asked Clarke to do a dance, so the actress went right into the Funky Chicken, with a few Robot moves added to the mix. She obviously made an impression, as the HBO execs unanimously agreed to move forward. Benioff and co-show runner D.B. Weiss told the Wall Street Journal: ‘She’s effing funny. Does that mean we’ve written hilarious scenes for her? No. But someone should.’ Whatever it is she decides to do, it won’t be long before Emilia Clarke is challenging the likes of Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart, Margot Robbie and Shailene Woodley at the top of the Hollywood pile.

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