How the Flash saved the DC Multiverse (on film and TV)!

Last week’s Flash episode “Welcome to Earth 2” (Season 2, Episode 13) has the potential to change the game for the DC Universe on the film and TV screen.

No longer will they need to be mocked for their awkward planning and rushing of ideas.

No longer do they have to look at Marvel and sigh.

No longer will they have to blame Will Smith’s awful portrayal as Floyd Lawton/Deadshot as why it all failed (when they had a perfectly good one in Michael Rowe to begin with.)

No longer do they, despite owning all their characters, lack any continuity in how they are producing them on the screen – you know why? It’s a multiverse!

the flash season 2

Hinted at the end of Season 1 with Jay Garrick’s helmet, through to Garrick’s arrival and then the these awesome reveals, it is now been established that every single DC film and TV property still exists in this new multiverse:


flash sg

Another Green Arrow (John Diggle?)

flash ga

flash ga closeup

The Flash (John Wesley-Shipp from the 90’s version of the show)

the flash flash

Gorilla Grodd

flash gg

Jonah Hex

flash jh

Legion of Super Heroes

flash losh

Most of those pictured above are scheduled for either The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow but whose to say that even more cannot be developed, especially with all those other planets floating around!

The possibilities are endless.

DC finally have a chance to clean up on their film and TV franchises.

So yeah The Flash in the film will be different, yeah the new Deadshot is very weak it’s ok… it’s the multiverse!

Yeah this Man of Steel sucks… it’s ok…it’s the multiverse!

Think of all the DC shows that have come and gone: this could mean more Constantine, Birds of Prey, Swamp Thing, Human Target, and Vixen among others. Let alone all the guest stars they could pull in. Imagine a Legends of Tomorrow episode where on a parallel Earth they have to convince an old Adam West and Burt Ward to train a new Batman and Robin, or an episode of The Flash where Linda Carter offers him some veteran advice?

DC you have been given a chance here to blag it that this was your plan all along. You have a unique opportunity at nostalgia and new concepts in film and TV. Please don’t blow it!

What if it all goes wrong though? Well, that would lead to a crisis!

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