Cult Movies

Cult Movie Essentials: The Trail of the Broken Blade (1967)

When his father is killed, Li Yueh (Jimmy Wang Yu) vows revenge on the man responsible – a high ranking official. This results in a bounty being placed on his head and Li going into hiding without even telling his girlfriend Liu.

Whilst in hiding the boss of the Flying Fish gang attacks Liu’s house but she is saved by the famous swordsman  Fang Chun-chao. After spending some time with her Fang falls in love with Liu, but she tells him she is still in love with Li Yueh. Fang, remaining full of honour, decides he will go on a quest to find Li Yueh for Liu.

Fang finds Li working as a groom in a village and they become good friends.  Soon the Flying Fish gang turn up seeking revenge on Fang for the men he killed. Li and Fang join up and promise to help each other out with their enemies!


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