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Gassoh live action movie releases trailer

Gassoh, the manga masterpiece by the late Hinako Sugiura, has been made into a live-action film starring Yuya Yagira (NOBODY KNOWS,UNFORGIVEN) and Koji Seto (RUNWAY BEAT).

The Tokugawa Shogunate is nearing an end in the late 18th century, and the fate of three youthful samurai who have become involved in the Shougitai’s Battle of Ueno will be decided…


It is 1868, the fourth year of the Keiou era. The Tokugawa Shogunate is ending, after a period of dominance that continued for 300 years.

Goku (Yuya Yagira) suddenly breaks off his marriage engagement with the younger sister of Teijirou (Amane Okuyama).

Teijirou becomes outraged when he learns of this, and heads off in pursuit of Goku, until they reencounter their friend since childhood, Masanosuke (Koji Seto). When Goku discovers that Masanosuke has been driven out of his family home, Goku encourages him to join their Shougitai resistance movement.

When these three lifelong friends are reunited, their destinies are catapulted into extreme directions…


Japanese Theatrical Release: September 26, 2015
Running Time: 87 Minutes

Goku Akitsu: Yuya Yagira
Masanosuke Yoshimori: Koji Seto
Teijiro Fukuhara: Amane Okayama
Joe Odagiri
Mugi Kadowaki
Minami Sakurai
Kai Inowaki
Yuko Takayama
Reiko Fujiwara
Daisuke Ryu
Rie Minemura
Mantaro Koichi

Director: Tatsuo Kobayashi
Original: Gassoh by Hinako Sugiura (Seirindo Books, 1983)
Screenplay: Aya Watanabe
Narration: Kahimi Karie
Music: ASA-CHANG & Junrei

Production: Shochiku
Planning: Shochiku Studio
Distributor: Shochiku Media Division

© 2015 Hinako Sugiura · MS. HS / “Gassoh” Film Partners

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