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Preview: Ultraman Dyna Complete Blu-ray Box Set

Tsuburaya’s official YouTube channel posted a video that compares the video quality of the Ultraman Dyna Complete Blu-ray Box Set to the DVD release.

A direct sequel to Ultraman Tiga, it takes place in the year 2017, 9 years after the end of Tiga. The series follows Shin Asuka aka Ultraman Dyna, a newly recruited member of Super GUTS and his fight against an alien race known as Spheres:

The Ultraman Dyna Complete Blu-ray Box Set contains 10 discs and over 1,400 minutes worth of content, which includes: the 51-episode TV series, the “Ultraman Tiga & Ultraman Dyna: Warriors of the Star of Light” film, the “Ultraman Dyna: The Return of Hanejiro Complete Ver,“and creditless opening and ending sequences.

Aside from the ones mentioned, this box set also comes with the following material: “Super GUTS Mecha Chronicle”, press conference footage, talk between Takeshi Tsuruno and Ryo Kinomoto, behind-the-scene footage of shooting in Kansai region, still collection with audio, theatrical feature making-of, teaser, trailer, TV spot, TV special to promote the film, making-of footage for the final chapter of TV series, “Shinsetsu Kaiju Gikyoku Josho,” and more.

The Ultraman Dyna Complete Blu-ray Box Set cost 45,000 yen and is set for a September 25 release.

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