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Ultraman X – Official Press Release

The 41st Ultraman is on his way! Tsuburaya Productions have announced that Ultraman X will debut at 6:00pm on Tuesday, July 14th 2015.


SciFiJapan broke the news that the ULTRAMAN X will be played by Kensuke Takahashi, who plays Xio Officer Daichi Ozora.  When speaking about the role Takahashi had this to say:

“I’m thrilled to be involved with the venerable Ultraman series. He’s the hero I’ve always wanted to be and now I will become that hero,” said Takahashi. “I’m working hard to become the Daichi that I think everyone wants to see. And, while ULTRAMAN X continues the traditions of the franchise, he’ll incorporate many elements of the modern, new hero!”

The plot, as provided by SciFiJapan, centres around a massive “Ultra flare” from the sun that envelops the earth. As a result of this Spark Dolls of monsters and aliens buried underground and undersea begin to awakening  and cause a traditional amount of Ultra-chaos and ultra-mayhem. Mankind is defended in this series by a special science team known as Xio.

Over the next fifteen years Xio battle the kaiji until one day Daichi Ozora (Takahashi) hears an unearthly voice proclaim: “Unite! If you and I join together, you will fight that monster with one heart, one mind!” He agrees, merging with the mystic light and becomes Ultraman X!



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