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The 6th Annual Star Wars Day Celebration – LIVE BLOG


A song to end the day with: “Boba” by Elliot House 


Return of the Jedi is on now as Star Wars Day winds down.

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The Nerfherders retain their Star Wars Pub Quiz Championship for the second year!



It is now packed out for The Empire Strikes Back – lots of people chilling and enjoying the movie.

SO16 Troopers are still in the house as are Loft Ladder Comics. SO still time to catch them!

Quiz coming up later!





It’s all going full blast here with A New Hope filling the screens, previously Spaceballs warmed the crowd up, now the original trilogy is on.

Still lots of great deals from Loft Ladder Comics so come on down.

Also the SO16 Troopers are now in the building!

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It all full swing here with Ewoks, Jedi, Yoda and a host of others!

Loft Ladder comics are doing well too, come check them out!

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Our venue today: The Alexandra Beer Emporium, Southampton, England



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You are invited to join us for our 6th Annual Star Wars Super celebration on May 4th 2015!

It takes place at The Alexandra Beer Emporium in Southampton from 12pm – 11pm.

This will be Bank Holiday Fun for all the family!

We can confirm that the SO16 Troopers will be making an appearance around 2pm.


Southampton Loft Ladder Comics will also be here all day!

Star Wars on all TV screens!

Retro gaming!


Fancy Dress!

Star Wars cocktails will also be available!

The annual Star Wars quiz will also be taking place in the early evening!

For up to date details check out the Facebook Event Page!

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