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Ifukube 100: A Legacy of Monster Music Needs YOUR Help!

The Team Behind the Incredible “Ifukube 100: A Legacy of Monster Music” Needs YOUR Help for a Brand New Show!

Author: John DeSentis
Official Site:

On July 12th, 2014, hundreds of Japanese Tokusatsu (special effects) fans descended upon the Pickwick Theater in Park Ridge, IL for “IFUKUBE 100: A LEGACY OF MONSTER MUSIC”. This historic concert was a celebration of the music that maestro Akira Ifukube wrote for Toho’s Godzilla film series. The Rondo Award-nominated event was met with praise, accolades, and recognition from Chicago to Tokyo. Friends and fans were in awe and left wanting more. The time has come to deliver just that, and John DeSentis and Chris Oglio need your help once more.

One of the biggest requests by the fans was to hear some of the themes that Mr. Ifukube wrote for non-Godzilla Toho films such as ATRAGON, THE MYSTERIANS and WAR OF THE GARGANTUAS. So to satisfy this, as well as deliver for the people who missed out last year, the concert will feature the FIRST EVER North American live performance of Mr. Ifukube’s concert work “Symphonic Fantasia”. These three pieces, which wwere accompanied by scenes from the corresponding movies for the Toho Video release of GODZILLA FANTASIA, feature not only the best of his work from the Godzilla series, but also from the other aforementioned films. Symphonic Fantasia will be performed under license from Toho Music. Also in store for Ifukube fans is the first ever performance outside of Japan of the composer’s classical work, “Kishi Mai”. Kishi Mai has only been performed a handful of times since the 1940s and contains the origin of the Japanese Naval march from GODZILLA. Kishi Mai is being performed under license from JASRAC and approval of the Ifukube Estate.

Another portion of the concert will focus on the incredible music of the composer Kow Otani. In 1995, Mr. Otani was called upon to be the musical anchor in director Shusuke Kaneko’s GAMERA: GUARDIAN OF THE UNIVERSE (1995). This fantastic film was a throwback to the incredible kaiju films of Ishiro Honda and Eiji Tsuburaya and re-established Gamera as viable franchise. Otani and director Kaneko re-teamed for two sequels, GAMERA 2: ASSAULT OF LEGION (1996), and GAMERA 3: REVENGE OF IRIS (1999) before collaborating on GODZILLA, MOTHRA AND KING GHODORAH: GIANT MONSTERS ALL-OUT ATTACK at Toho Studios in 2001. This performance will be the WORLD PREMIERE of Mr. Otani’s kaiju scores, as they have never been performed live even in Japan. Mr. Otani is working with John and Chris to ensure that the music is represented with absolute respect and authenticity and one of the goals beyond the initial funding is to get Mr. Otani to the show.

The entire concert and the recording of it are all produced under license from JASRAC (Japan Society for Rights of Authors, Composers, and Publishers), ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers), and The Harry Fox Agency. It will be held, once again, in conjunction with the annual G-FEST convention in Chicago on the weekend of July 10-12, 2014. Please head over to the Kickstarter Page and check out the various reward levels and see which one fits you. The deadline to pledge and meet the goal is April 25th.

Fans of Godzilla, Gamera, and Japanese Special Effects Films have shown what they can do if they put their minds and hearts to work. Last year was proof of that. Help John, Chris, and the entire team make history once more

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