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Alien: Isolation sells One Million Copies

Sega’s action-horror game Alien: Isolation, released in October 2014 for consoles and PC, has now sold more than one million copies. The publisher announced the sales figure today, noting the milestone represents units sold worldwide.

“We set out to make the Alien game we had always wanted to play, and from these figures it seems we also succeeded in making the Alien game another million wanted to play,” creative lead Alistair Hope said. “We hope many more gamers enjoy Alien: Isolation in 2015.”

Sega’s licensing partner for the game, Twentieth Century Fox, also sounded pleased with Isolation’s critical and commercial success.

“Fox is enormously pleased with how both Sega and Creative Assembly have realized their homage to Ridley Scott’s iconic film Alien,” Fox Consumer Products VP Michael Doyle said. “The project represents a paradigm shift in what is possible in the arena of licensed games.”

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One thought on “Alien: Isolation sells One Million Copies

  1. Ouch. It took this long? Well I guess doing the math over ACM it didn’t sell that many. I’d say a million copies is still $50 or $60 million. Problem is its been on $20 or so sale plenty of times. I guess $20 million is still $20 million. Until you start calculating the cuts of who gets what.

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