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Minions trailers goes live!

For the minions of Despicable Me, there are two time periods—Before Gru and After Gru. While there have been two films full of the tiny yellow guys while they worked under Steve Carell’s villain in reform, the first trailer for Minions shows what life was like all the way back in 1968.

This trailer reveals that the minions have in fact been around since the dawn of time – living to serve whatever despicable master they could find, whether that be a dinosaur, ancient Egyptian pharaohs, Count Dracula or Nelson!

Unfortunately Minions seems to have a problem keeping masters around, so three minions—prideful Kevin, hungry Stuart, and frightened Bob—set out to find a more permanent leader.

The hard rocking trailer reveals that the Minions finally find salvation in New York 42 years before meeting Gru.

The trailer also reveals that Michael Keaton, Allison Janney, and Steve Coogan will join Sandra Bullock and Jon Hamm as part of the voice cast. Minions, which is set to unleash dozens more of Gru’s faithful army in theatres, debuts on July 10, 2015.



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