Marvel finds its Luke Cage!

Marvel Entertainment has confirmed that Mike Colter will play the character when he debuts in next year’s Marvel’s A.K.A. Jessica Jones. “Mike embodies the strength, edge and depth of Luke Cage,” said Executive Producer/Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg. “We’re excited to have him bring this iconic Marvel character to life.” […]

Heroes of Cult: David Carradine

David Carradine was born  John Arthur Carradine on December 8, 1936. He first appeared on the Cult Faction radar as Kwai Chang Caine, in the 1970s television series Kung Fu. Carradine was a second generation actor, his father John Carradine was one of the most prolific character actors in Hollywood […]

Godzilla 60th Anniversary prints!

Bandai continues the celebration of Godzilla’s 60th anniversary into early 2015 with the Toho Monster Memorial: Eternal Godzilla deluxe signed and framed limited edition photo print. This is the first Godzilla release in Bandai’s Memorial line, which launched in 2007 with the Ultraman franchise “Ultra Hero Memorial” and followed […]

Daredevil TV show wraps production

Daredevil’s executive producer and showrunner Steven DeKnight has today tweeted that the upcoming series has wrapped production. DeKnight states that while Daredevil will be “grittier and edgier” than anything Marvel has done thus far, they’re still “not looking to push it to extreme violence or gratuitous nudity,” even though […]

Rendel trailer released online

Finnish comic character Rendel , created by the director Jesse Haaja, has now officially released its trailer online: Rendel is a man blinded by vengeance and rage and whose name comes from the Hungarian word for “Order”. The film stars: Kris Gummerus (Rendel), Matti Onnismaa (Mr. Erola), Rami Rusinen (Rotikka) and Alina Tomnikov […]

Cult Movie Essentials: Baoh (1989)

Teenager Ikuro Hashizawa is kidnapped and turned into a Baoh, a bioweapon with super human strength and other abilities such as firing a corrosive substance, by the Doress Laboratory. He escapes with the help of Sumire, a 10-year-old psychic girl. Professor Kasuminome, head scientist at Doress, sends various […]