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DC is about to get a Convergence!

On November 3, DC Entertainment announced its next major event: Convergence. DC Senior Vice President-Sales Bob Wayne and Senior Vice President- SVP Sales and Business Development Derek Maddalena described Convergence as “one of the most epic and inclusive events ever constructed.” It touches upon every facet of DC […]

Having recently moved forward with a mini-series adaptation of Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End, Syfy has quickly given a greenlight to the final book in the Odyssey series 3001: The Final Odyssey. The mini-series will come from Ridley Scott’s company Scott Free and be written by Stuart Beattie (Collateral). […]

Minions trailers goes live!

For the minions of Despicable Me, there are two time periods—Before Gru and After Gru. While there have been two films full of the tiny yellow guys while they worked under Steve Carell’s villain in reform, the first trailer for Minions shows what life was like all the way back […]

The Crow remake takes flight

The remake of The Crow will be adapted directly from the graphic novel rather than the 1994 cult film. Comic creator James O’Barr has promised a very different take on his original book for the Luke Evans-starring movie. “[We’re] not remaking the movie,” O’Barr told Korsgaard’s Commentary. “We’re […]

American Horror Story crossover!

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that the American Horror Story instalments of Asylum and Freak Show just became even more connected: Lily Rabe will be appearing on Freak Show and reprising her Asylum role as nun Sister Mary Eunice. The actress, who has appeared in every season of AHS and is […]

Halo 2 Anniversary trailer released

Watch the Halo cinematic launch trailer for “Halo 2 Anniversary”, included in “Halo The Master Chief Collection” November 11, 2014. A legend re-mastered, Halo 2 cinematic launch trailer features completely new cut-scenes created by Blur Studios. Discover new story elements with extended cut scenes as Halo 2 Anniversary […]

Scream to become a TV show

MTV has announced a 10-episode order for a television series based on the horror film franchise Scream. Jill Blotevogel (Harper’s Island) will executive produce and showrun. Originally MTV placed the pilot order back in May of 2013 and there has been some major cast changes made after the […]

Bay to domesticate Thundercats?

After years of reports that ThunderCats would have a movie remake, rumours rise again as reports that director Michael Bay will take on ThunderCats as his new project after the successful release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles this month. ( Cult Faction staff still debate whether or not […]

It’s Morphin Time once more!

Get ready to say “It’s Morphin Time!” in theaters because Lionsgate and Saban have announced a partnership to bring Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to the big screen as a live action film. Revealed via the official Lionsgate Twitter, the upcoming film will “re-envision the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, […]