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Preview: Magi – Volume 16

Aladdin’s studies at the Magnoshutatt Academy are going well, and he continues to advance. Among the upper-ranked students is another young sorcerer whose power seems to rival Aladdin’s. The two become friends and continue their climb up Magnoshutatt’s caste system. But the dark secret they discover among the […]

Deathnote 2016 cast revealed

Shonen Jump magazine has revealed the main casts for the Death Note 2016 live-action film… Sosuke Ikematsu (Higen from The Last Samurai) as Ryuzaki. Masahiro Higashide (Hideo Shimada – Parasyte) as Tsukuru Mishima Masaki Suda (Philip – Kamen Rider W) as Yūgi Shion. In the film, Ryuzaki(Ikematsu) is […]

My Hero Academia releases first preview

The first preview for the TV anime adaptation of Kōhei Horikoshi’s 2014 superhero manga My Hero Academia has been released: The series will feature  Daiki Yamashita (Yowapeda’s Sakamichi Onoda) as young lead Izuku Midoriya and Kenta Miyake (JoJo’s Muhammad Avdol) as his mentor, All Might (replacing an earlier voice comic/vomic’s Tesshō Genda).

Margaret Qualley to Death Note?

An update to Warner Bros’ American adaptation of Death Note comes from The Hollywood Reporter stating that The Leftovers actress Margaret Qualley is in negotiations to join the as the female lead – an adaption of Misa Amane, the model and pop star who finds her own Death Note. On The Leftovers, Qualley plays […]