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Brett Summers

Crawled out of the Black Lodge in 1976, only to find himself in the Village.

Cult Comic Essentials: Marshal Law

MARSHAL LAW is back! This futuristic law official is charged with policing super heroes gone rogue by any means necessary, all while fighting his own self-hatred for being the thing he hates most: a super hero. Featuring art by Kevin O’Neill, illustrator of THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN, […]

Cult Comic Essentials: Enigma

The seminal 8-issue Vertigo epic is back in a new edition of the postmodern tale of self-discovery and sexual identity told against the backdrop of improbable super heroes and villains. Michael Smith lives a meaningless life of routine and boredom. But when Enigma, his favorite childhood hero, inexplicably […]

Preview: Manimal (DVD)

Dr. Jonathan Chase, wealthy, young and handsome. A man with the brightest of futures, a man with the darkest of pasts. From Africa’s deepest recesses to the rarefied peaks of Tibet, heir to his father’s legacy and the world’s darkest mysteries. Jonathan Chase, master of the secrets that […]


Comic book series launches to schools across Scotland.  Struggling to get children to pick up a book? Comic books and graphic novels might be the key to boosting literacy in youngsters, particularly boys. Comics are gaining a new respect in education, with researchers and literacy experts across the […]

Cult Cartoon Essentials: The Perishers

The Perishers was a cartoon series produced by Bill Melendez Productions and FilmFair based on Maurice Dodd’s long-running comic strip. BBC1 transmitted it in 1979. The Perishers followed the antics of four friends and a dog. Judy Bennett voiced the roles of Maisie and Baby Grumpling; Leonard Rossiter voiced Boot the […]


So, it looks like the zombie-filled, hyper-colored, Ferrari-crashing, James Brown-resurrecting drug haze of a comic we call MIAMI VICE: REMIX is about to reach its bloody end next week on July 1. But there’s nothing to be sad about — the fifth and final issue of writer Joe […]

Preview: Knight Rider

Children of the ‘80s think of Knight Rider above all other TV shows from that primetime golden age, and with good reason — the smash-hit captivated audiences with its blend of spy-fi gadgetry, incredible stunts, scorching car chases, and a lot of snarky humor along the way. Basically, […]