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Brand New Cherry Flavor Ep. 7: Egg


In Brand New Cherry Flavor Ep. 7: Egg, Lou (Eric Lange) is desperate for his son to be normal again so sets up a meeting with Alvin Sender (Patrick Fischler – Mulholland Drive, Happy, Twin Peaks) and angles for Lisa to get her movie back. Alvin is fine with that and tells Lou to call her and tell her now. During the phone call Lou puts on a front at his end as both threaten to kill each other.

We then see that Boro (Catherine Keener) has Mary (Siena Werber) in the milk bath, unaware of this Lisa arrives and licks a toad hoping to find out where Lou is hiding. Boro interrupts explaining that Lisa now needs to do another ritual within six hours, or she will die. The ritual consists of two sections: sex magic and blood magic.

Lisa seeks Roy for help with the “sex magic” and during their intercourse Boro appears soaking up Lisa sweat with a sponge and ringing it out into a jar. The demon that stalks Lisa appeared at one point and Boro looked scared of it. After performing the “sex magic”, Boro tells Lisa that she must now consume the flesh of someone in their prime.

Meanwhile Ralph (Darcy Laurie), is looking for his nephew James. He does not believe Lisa could have killed him. His investigation leads him to Christine (Hannah Levien) who he threatens and demands take him to James. She does, telling Ralph that Lisa is to blame.

Elsewhere, Lou takes Jonathan to a restaurant that they used to enjoy going to. Lou shows him several family photos, but nothing seems to help much.

Back in Lisa’s apartment, Boro prepares Lisa’s meal, which consists of an omelette made up of Code’s ear and Lisa’s sweat. Suddenly the door knocks, and it is Alvin congratulating Lisa on getting her movie back. Lisa arranges to meet him tomorrow as it is “a bad time.”

Suddenly the spirit attacks Boro just as Ralph shoots the door in looking to kill her. Lisa escapes down the trap door where she finds the sofa that was previously the jaguar. It warns Lisa that Boro will betray her; but adds that without Lisa, Boro is weak. The sofa then presents Lisa with a hotel key labelled 13 Bel Air and shows her a pink door that she can exit through.

Lisa is then outside, Roy appears with a limo, and Ralph starts shooting at them!

Verdict: 8/10. The pace is building, and people’s true colours are being revealed. The confirmation of the sofa jaguar leads us down a magical path, and I might have a clue as to what is going on! Eric Lange’s work as Lou has been building to this and I’m guessing the next episode will show more. he has been outstanding.

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