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Preview: Kamen Rider Sabre Ep. 22: Even So I Still Want To Save Everyone!

In Kamen Rider Sabre Ep. 22: Even So I Still Want To Save Everyone, at the Southern Base, the Daishinji’s departure has caused tensions within the guild as Mr. Ohgami blames Reika due to her disdain towards Daishinji! On the other hand, Touma, whose friends have returned for the first time in a long time, is starting to enjoy himself for once. Just then, his Sword of Flames begins to glow brightly, giving him the sense that soon he will be able to separate humans from the Megiddo! Meanwhile, Storius implants the new Megiddo’s Alter Book, who was previously defeated, into someone else! This person being the twin sister of their first victim, Remi! In the midst of their search for Remi, Mr. Ohgami stands before Touma and Mei! What could he possibly want from them?

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