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Awesomely Righteous And Radical (2020)

Awesomely Righteous and Radical is a 1 hr 40 min movie of smaller films with the constant being that the films are based in the 1980’s.  Some have 1980’s quality, which adds a nice touch, but some are filmed with a present-day HD style, which although great for the viewer, detracts from the 1980’s ethos.  This is a mix of mainly American films, but also includes a British touch.

Each film has its own style based on production and the director, overall it was an interesting 100 minute journey through different interpretations and nods to well known 80’s direction and production.

I particularly enjoyed the small movie called The Somnambulist (answers on a postcard to what that word means), based in a laboratory in 1987 with good acting and an intriguing storyline.  I also particularly enjoyed the Shane Ryan movie that I think is called Guerilla (it was hard to establish a title until the end), especially the outtakes in the credits.

During this movie I was wondering where it was going, there was no dialogue and the music that accompanied the movie was a tad too loud, but with the outtakes I kind of saw from that perspective that the movie, although serious, was a fun production for all involved and that warmed me to it.  And the end of the credits gave a thank you to all of the 80’s movie actors and movies that had influenced the director and crew, nice touch.

Verdict: 5/10 Overall, Awesomely Righteous and Radical, has it’s gems, there are definitely career movie makers for the future within this but some of the other questionable content also raises a few eyebrows.  Some achieve a good standard, some don’t but that is for you to decide.

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