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Cult Comic Essentials- Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds

Published as a five issue limited series in 2008, Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds was written by Geoff Johns and drawn by George Perez. It was a part of the DC Comics Final Crisis cross-over event. The story was set up previously in the DC Comics universe in the JLA/JSA “Lightning Saga,” The Flash: Rebirth, and Action Comics #864.

The story begins with the evil Time Trapper retrieving the time-lost Superboy-Prime (See Crisis on Infinite Earths) and sending him to 31st century Smallville. Upon his retrieval Superboy-Prime is enraged to learn that he has had a minimal impact on history, while Superman remains a highly influential figure 1000 years later. In a rage Superboy-Prime breaks out all of the Legion of Super-Heroes’ enemies from Takron-Galtos and leads them as a new version of the Legion of Super-Villains. His main hope being that he will destroy everything that Superman inspired, including the Legion and the United Planets.

The Legion of Super-Villains soon recruit Mordru and kill Rond Vidar (former Legionnaire and the last Green Lantern) in the process. A devastated Legion of Super-heroes summon Superman to their time for help. While Superman leads the Legion into battle against the villains, Brainiac 5 (who was forewarned of Superboy-Prime’s invasion by one of Dream Girl’s premonitions) sets in motion a master contingency plan against Superboy-Prime that involves recruiting three of Prime’s biggest foes.

The Legion of Super-Heroes though are  demoralised and at the point of dissolution. Even with Superman by their side, the Legion may not be strong enough to defeat the immensely powerful Superboy-Prime and The Legion of Super Villains; but while one Legion may be doomed, three Legions from three different alternative realities may just have a fighting chance…

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