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Azura Skye

Azura Skye (birth name: Azura Dawn Storozynski) was born on November 8th 1981 in Northridge, California in her grandmother’s house. Her grandfather wad actor Brad Johnson who sadly passed away before she was born. Johnson was known for his roles in Bedtime For Bonzo, Cowboy G-Men, The Range Rider, Death Valley Days, Maverick, Gunsmoke, and as Deputy Sherriff Loft Craig in Annie Oakley. Skye’s parents were amateur gemologists and named her after azurite, a semi-precious mineral. The Skye part of her stage name came from the colour azure which is often associated with the sky.

Skye began her career on stage at the age of three years old and by the age of eleven was touring Europe with the Santa Monica Playhouse theatre group at the age of eleven. She received her education at the Brentwood School on Los Angeles.

Her TV debut came in 1997 when at the age of sixteen she appeared in the TV show Total Security, and around the same time she appeared as Jocelyn in the TV movie Alone. Further roles followed in Touched By An Angel, Chicago Hope, Ghosts of Fear Street, Cab to Canada, EdTV, Dementia, and 28 Days.

In 1999, Skye got her first series lead when she was cast as Jane Cooper in Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane. they show ran for twenty-six episodes and was shown globally. Further roles followed in Batman of the Future, Gideon’s Crossing, Buck Naked Arson, Town & Country, Bandits, Smallville, The Salton Sea, John Doe and Red Dragon.

In 2002, Skye was cast as Cassie Newton for “Help” -the Season 7 Ep. 4 episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In the episode Cassie is a teen girl at Sunnydale High who possesses the power of precognition and foresees her own death. Buffy tries to help her and prevent her death. Following the adventure, with Cassie apparently safe, a crossbow booby trap nearly kills Cassie. Buffy stops the bolt and tells Cassie that one person can make a difference, to which Cassie responds, “And you will,” before gasping and falling to the ground, dead. It runs out that Cassie died because of a congenital heart defect. She was always going to die, no matter what happened, and Cassie knew that Buffy would be at her side when her prediction came true. Buffy feels that she has failed, but a devastated Dawn corrects her, saying Buffy didn’t fail since she tried to save Cassie; it was because of her that Dawn and Cassie were friends.  Buffy realises that while she will always try her best, sometimes she just can’t help anyone.

Skye returned as Cassie in Season 7 Ep. 7: Conversations with Dead People. It turns out that Cassie is an incarnation of the First Evil, who is impersonating Cassie, in an attempt to persuade Willow to commit suicide by pretending to bring a message from her dead girlfriend Tara.

In 2002 Skye appeared in Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister alongside Matthew Goode and Stockard Channing. She also was cast in the recurring role of Susie Keaton in CSI: Miami. Further roles included Wristcutters: A Love Story, Love and Debate, Heavens Fall, What We Do Is Secret and God’s Beach.

In 2006 Skye was cast as Skyler in The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman, the show ran for sixteen episodes; further appearances included roles in House M.D., Ghost Whisperer, Bones, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, One Missed Call, The Mentalist, 20 Years After, Cold Case, Star Wars: The Old Republic, American Horror Story, Grimm, Star Wars: The Old Republic – Rise of the Hutt Cartel, Killzone: Shadow Fall, American Dad!, and Star Wars: The Old Republic – Shadow of Revan.

In 2014 Skye was cast as Sandy Engel-Karinsky in Working the Engels a show where a family are forced to band together to keep their heads above water when their father and breadwinner passes away, leaving them all in a mountain of debt. The show ran for twelve episodes. This was followed up with roles in Minority Report, Take Me to the River, Take Flight, Girls, Alien Code, Star Wars: The Old Republic – Onslaught, Charmed, and most recently as Darla in Riverdale.

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